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Soundframe TEN Trailer


Soundframe TEN Trailer - Sounddesign by AD

In April 2016, sound:frame in cooperation with its numerous partners, international artists and audiences celebrates its tenth anniversary. A large retrospective shows the developments of the past decades and an international program runs the gamut from the past to the future. With its creative design for the sound:frame Festival’s tenth anniversary, 100und1 wants to make visible the traces of time which a long-standing collaboration generate in one way or another. How to record the factor of time? How to put ten years of festival history in a nutshell? How to break with familiar creative approaches?
 With these questions in mind, the design team of 100und1— notably Lukas Fliszar and Julia Schäfer—developed the idea of an analogous intervention into the printing plate’s layout. The design concept thus places the focus on digital and ana- log printing processes and combines state-of-the-art techno- logy with manual work and knowhow. A printing plate is a printing storage medium for text and image information of all kinds. After the information is exposed on a coated aluminum plate, the plate is usually placed directly in a developing tray. Here, 100und1 intervened and interrupted the traditional printing process. The designers of 100und1 did precisely what one should not do: They “damaged” and scratched the printing plate. With this, they pick up on organically evolved and haphazard elements that the process of making a festival entails, because even with accurate planning, a long-term project always includes aberrations. The preceding graphics are kept deliberately subtle and are fractured and altered by the analog intervention. Treated with a spray can, brick trowel, sponge, paint- brush, and broom, every poster grade sheet is given its own individual character. Manipulating the offset plate as a design element plays with the factor of coincidence; the results vary depending on the tools, printing format, hand movements, toner levels, etc. that were used. This moment of developing the plate and the anticipation of the result that the process involves have been the fuel for 100und1 on this initially uncertain journey. Fortunately, the idea immediately met with the approval of the printing experts at REMA Print and was pursued with great interest. The manipulation technique, which was developed in many experiments and during the production of this festival trailer, by Robert Hack with audio by Arno Deutschbauer. The joy of the uncertain output has caused the team many a headache and much doubt—but ultimately, all the more moments of joy.

CONCEPT & PROCUCTION by 100und1 & Robert Hack.

AUDIO & SOUNDDESIGN by Arno Deutschbauer.